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What tomatoe and at what time of year to sow seeds

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Hello all, I watched a programme some time back where someone had a lovely variety of veg all year round just by growing them in pots. The idea of growing veg in the garden does not appeal, but would love to start sowing seeds in pots as its so easy to manage for someone like me. I therefore would like to start with tomatoes. Can someone recommend what tomatoe seeds to buy, when to sow them (either in pots or grow bags) and general care. Would really appreciate some adivce. regards Misty



Hiya misty you didn't say if you had a greenhouse or not. any way the time to start is about march april time.My favourite tomatoes are gardeners delight, they are cherry toms lovely and sweet. the list is endless to what you can grow in containers but you'l have to wait till next year.

4 Oct, 2009


The tomato season is just about finished for amateur growers. There are lots of varieties available and its all down to personal taste. Perhaps a good one to start with is Gardeners Delight....they will be available in GC's and the time to start sowing is anytime from end Feb 2010 (under glass) till about the middle to end of April, which is a better is getting warmer (Hopefully!) and the light levels are better....The back of the packet will give you cultural information but if you get will get plenty of help on the forum.

Good Luck

4 Oct, 2009


if this is your first time you should get them at the young plant stage, and to save you being disapointed because as a first timer you will not reconise a diseases untill it has a hold and then we may not be able to help you in time, go for a cross they have been bred to resist diseases,, I have no qurail with what you have been recomened I love them, but get a little experance first.and stop them at six or seven truses, good luck,

4 Oct, 2009


Many thanks to Tulsalady26, Amblealice, and Cliffo for your advice, it is much appreciated. kind regards and best wishes Misty

4 Oct, 2009


Gardener's delight are very tasty, the only problem with them being that they can split sometimes if the watering is inconsistent. Sungold seem to be considered very good, I haven't tried those yet.

When I grew tomatoes for the first time I did it from seed, much more satisfying I think. if you want to do that, go for it.

5 Oct, 2009


Thanks for your input Elleme, much appreciated. kind regards Misty

5 Oct, 2009


I plant my tomato seeds mid to late february early march , i grow these in my greenhouse, then i usually plant up late april .
Moneymaker , matina,ailsa craig , are all pretty good even plum tomatoes are fairly good along with gardeners delight.
Everyone who has bought my tomato plants have said how flavoursome they were.

15 Oct, 2009


Many thanks for the info Hijuju, much appreciated. regards Misty

15 Oct, 2009

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