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I am thinking of planting geranium nodosum underneath a large child's trampoline. Any advice welcome and how do I plant from seed? Ian



we found that we had to move the trampoline around. the main part was a black material and the grass underneath often got too hot and we ended up with a few dead patches over the year.
so I dont think it will be successful. But I hope I am wrong and someone can give you the advice you need.

2 Dec, 2012


I would have thought that Geranium nodosum wouid have been ideal for that position, given that they like dry conditions, and full shade.
You can sow the seed as soon as it's ripe, or in spring, in pots or trays, and leave outside, prick out as necessary, and grow on until large enough to plant out, Derek.

2 Dec, 2012


Will need watering once in position until it is established don't you think Derek?

2 Dec, 2012


It will indeed Mg, forgot to mention that, thanks for reminding me, lol, Derek.

2 Dec, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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