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By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

i hate it in my front garden want to dispose of , have listed it on freecycle for anyone who wants it to dig it up, if I get no replies whats the best way to remove without doing myself too much damage

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Depends how big it is really. Best option is to try and dig it out, hacking through any large roots that spread too far. Otherwise, saw it off as close to the ground as possible, drill into it and poison it with SBK, cover and leave.

5 Oct, 2009


oh good lord
can I burn it instaed? hehe

thanks Bamboo

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5 Oct, 2009


shame you didn't supply a pic Mookins

10 Oct, 2009


have got one but its a clsoe up of the foliage
will see if I can find it

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10 Oct, 2009


Was hoping to see a photo of the whole plant, but judging by the foliage pic, I can see why you might hate it.

10 Oct, 2009


isnt it awful
gonna get a saw to it soon then dig ,dig,dig!!

x xx

11 Oct, 2009

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