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Hoyas and how to make them FLOWER!!!

Kincardineshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a small collection of Hoyas...various kinds....and they are all looking very healthy indeed - no obvious problems. They practically all have lots of buds - and have had for MONTHS!
My Q is - how to persuade them to FLOWER!!!!
As you will see - the plants are thriving OK otherwise.

This big one that I have put on as my pic...has actually been moved months ago into filtered light under a big skylight - and all the others also are hanging at windows - but again shaded from strong sun. The big one was given to me last Xmas and I saw it just last year - just dripping with flowers - the scent would knock you over!! This year it is dripping with buds...and that is as far as it goes!!!! Anybody out there got any suggestions ...LOL

On plant Hoya carnosa




Absolutely love Hoya's including some of the more obscure species. Yours looks as if it's Hoya carnosa?

Never actually grown them (yet) but I have read that they absolutely must dry out between each watering or they simply will not flower.

5 Oct, 2009


Yes - that big one is a Carnosa, Fractal. I have quite a few others - including what I refer to as my "Bella Fellas" ....a few of which I have grown from cuttings myself..and have amazed me by thriving - but again no actual flowers - just buds galore! I have heard about the drying out process and have done that...even bought myself a soil meter to make sure!! Maybe I am just being impatient...but some of these buds have been there for months!!

5 Oct, 2009

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