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Angel's no toot...!


By Fluff

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

I was given what she called an Angel's Trumpet' by a neighbour...lovely, home-grown plant with 3 fat, purple buds. I've watered it, put in on a light but not hot, sunny window sill & looked forward to the grand opening...but the largest bud in the picture has just gone brown & dropped orf!
Am I doing something it doesn't like...sorry I don't know it's proper name.




Its a Datura Fluff, the flowers are growing upwards, what a lovely plant, I wish i had a neighbour like yours :))) All i know is they dont like morning sun and to water twice a day..mine only have buds and i suspect its not warm enough up here, when the rain stops ill put them in the greenhouse and see what happens :)))

6 Oct, 2009


Hi Daisydee...thanks for that...maybe it's in the wrong place then...& I'll give it more water!

6 Oct, 2009


Flower buds often drop when a plant is moved from one environment to another. Try to put the plant in a bright place and don't forget to feed it tomato food.

7 Oct, 2009


Well could be right...the 2nd bud is opening fine tonight....& more are forming. It just didn't like being adopted! Thank you.

7 Oct, 2009


Oh, it did like being adopted, it was just travel sick!!

8 Oct, 2009


It only travelled 50 yards!!! Wimp! ;o)

8 Oct, 2009

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