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virginia creeper

Warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello chums, How do I take a cutting, and grow on from a virginia creeper.



Layering would be your easiest route... in fact hasn't your original already produced layers?

6 Oct, 2009


As Mrs MB says, if you just cut off a short length of the creeper stem and lay it on the ground, horizontally, it will soon root for you Bettyboop. Mine is rampant now, but came to me 20 years ago from my Mum's garden, via my great grandmother's garden, as a short length of stem...not even a rooted cutting!

6 Oct, 2009


if its not possible to layer, then cuttings should be quite easy - I put Boston ivy cuttings in water and then potted them up when roots appeared. It's a close relative to Virginia creeper.

6 Oct, 2009


just pull down a shoot from the parent plant still atached.put it on top of soil in a pot with a stone on top .leave it for a while till it roots can tell this bye giving it a gentle tug.this is best done in spring bye the way.water like any other plant and whenproperly settled in cut it from the parent plant job done

7 Oct, 2009


Virginia creeper. I love the colour of this plant- I bought one last season and another last month. Can't wait to see it spreading! I might try layering but I am impatient with plants....Any feeding tips?

7 Oct, 2009

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