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Falkirk, United Kingdom Gb

I had a visitor in the garden today , is it a sparrow hawk ?




Oh wow! What a surprise for you... It certainly looks like a sparrowhawk - as in my bird book. lol - Did it eat the sparrows? If so, it definitely was!

18 Aug, 2007


That is a sparrow hawk for sure.

19 Aug, 2007


Yes sparrowhawk and lucky you to have such a distinguished visitor

19 Aug, 2007


They are a nuisance if they come into your garden, my friends has lost all the other birds from their as a Sparrow Hawk has moved into nextdoors' large garden, they love to eat baby fledglings, the sooner it goes the better.

21 Aug, 2007


Hi yes its a sparrowhawk they dont just eat sparrows they like pidgeon too!

23 Aug, 2007


had one in my garden some time ago, photo through a rain spotted window so not a lot of good, knowing they do not just take birds I put some traps down and took out a lot of small rodents (mice) the sparrow hawk may have gone but the mice will still be there, if that is what it was after, you may think you have a clean scene, but you are no further away from a rat than six feet, frightening aint it?

30 Aug, 2007

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