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Peace Lily

Shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

Why are my peace lillies leaves going brown and yellow on the ends, please?



Sounds like over or under watering - how often and how much do you water? Also, where is it kept and does it get enough sun? Mine does well in a place where it gets a lot of natural light, that is slightly filtered. I also water it heavily about once a week and I leave it in between. Do you have any pics, as it might be a pest causing the problem too?

7 Oct, 2009


Draughts may also cause leaf problems. But chess doesn't....ha ha.

7 Oct, 2009


I have two large plants behind my desk on a book case at work - it's about 24' from a large window. I suppose I water them more some weeks than others so wikll start atering them every Friday and see if they pick up - thanks.

7 Oct, 2009


Are the bits which are turning brown touching the window? They can burn that way? Mine is next to a mini oven, and the leaves have been scorched a couple of times. Also, check the root system, they can benefit enormously from being repotted into a bigger pot to let the root system take in more water. good luck.
Lol Volunteer!

7 Oct, 2009

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