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When can I move Arum italicum (Lords & Ladies)?

Aquitane, France Fr

I have noticed these popping up again all over the garden. I love the leaves and the berries on these and would like to put a clump of them together. When would be the best time to move them?



Now is a good time as the new leaves haven't developed yet. Dig the clump up and replant in good soil. Was the original plant variegated? The seedlings often aren't.

8 Oct, 2009


The leaves have already developed, that's how I managed to spot them. Should I leave them until after they've produced the berries?

8 Oct, 2009


Ah, just spotted that you're not in UK! I moved mine after the berries came but before the new leaves.

8 Oct, 2009


They appear over here in both the Spring and Autumn. I'll leave them until the berries have appeared then - thanks for your help! :o))

8 Oct, 2009

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