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My Box Hedge is turning copper coloured


By Swanky

cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

It is about 5 years old and near a small wall,what do you think it needs ? feeding /watering or something else??

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I've been browsing the web about this as there have been a few queries about it. They results seem to suggest that the box plants are in too much strong sunlight or are turning that colour due to poor drainage or cold damage. Could any of these apply to yours? The cold damage option should clear up in spring apparently.

8 Oct, 2009


That looks more like drought to me - if they're at the bottom of a wall, that's a very dry place to be. Dig around in the soil and see how dry it is underneath.

8 Oct, 2009


I was thinking of maybe poor drainage as it is very close to the wall but as its been there for 5 years i'm not sure I 've just feed @watered it @hopeing it will pick up we'll have to wait and see !!Thats Gardening for you....:o))

8 Oct, 2009


Well Bambo you answered to quick.Thanx i might have done the right thing then :o))

8 Oct, 2009


I know you don't live anywhere near London, but amazingly, despite 2 days of rain here, only the top 2/3 inches of soil is wet - when I dug down further in order to plant something today, it was bone dry - and that was next to a wall. the point of telling you that is, if it's dry deep in the soil, you'd need to put a lot of water on for it to penetrate.

8 Oct, 2009


It does 'nt help my garden that fact we have tree bark down and it keeps it the soil dry

8 Oct, 2009

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