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Automatic window opener on greenhouse

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

The window opener on my greenhouse seems to have stopped working. It was set to open at about 22 degrees, but last week the temp went above this in the greenhouse and it didn't open. Do these things have a lifetime, can it be fixed or shall I buy a new one? It is about 12 -15 years old.

On plant Windowus openerus!



most things are sealed units these days but if you can get in to it you will probly find that the brushes have worn out ,were you would get them from I don't know,or if you can get them near the size and shape you can file them to fit,

8 Oct, 2009


I recon you've had your money's worth Volunteer, most things don't last 12-15 years these days.

8 Oct, 2009


I thought as much Heron, but it was worth asking, thanks. I'll put it on my Xmas list!

8 Oct, 2009


Is it worth a quick sqirt of WD40 Volunteer just incase it shifts it?

8 Oct, 2009


Before you remove it just check that the window has not slid sideways a touch therefore causing it to stick,it might sound daft but it happened to mine and I was able to release it, in last weeks wind it did it again and wasn`t closing properly, they are expensive so well worth checking........

9 Oct, 2009


Good idea drc726 my hubby said good thing to use wd 40 , it has probably ceased up .Call it old age

15 Oct, 2009


Know the feeling!!

20 Oct, 2009

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