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Onion fertlizer query

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I am growing garlic in a small raised bed (only 1m x 0.5m), max 18 cloves probably less. When buying I thought 'what the hell' and added onion fertilizer to my online order. It turned up without instructions and despite searching about online I have found no clear answer about how to use, at least not on such a small scale. On the front of the bag it says 6-8-15 + 2Mg but its described as 11:22:22 on the website description. I sort of know what this means but when should I apply the fertilizer and how much? I will be putting my garlic in in the next few weeks. Any tips at all really appreciated plus do any garlic growers here use fertilizer, I know there is a risk of messing it up! Cheers.



Sorry can't help on this one - we've never used a specific fertilizer on our onions...

9 Oct, 2009


I think it is proberly like onion's the same famaly, I used dried hen manure by sprinkleing on the bed ,and spairingly, I should think that what they have sent you is about the same.

9 Oct, 2009


thanks. Do you wait until they have sprouted in the spring or use before planting aswell?

9 Oct, 2009


Ihave not grown garlic but onions put them in a well troden bed as soon as it warms up and keep shoveing them back in until the roots are big enough to hold them there insted of pushing them out.

9 Oct, 2009

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