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how do i overwinter my colocasia?thanks in anticipation,Glyn


By Topbar

United Kingdom Gb

i live in norfolk



I spotted this and was interested as Im a Norfolk gal. Dont know anything about them but found this out for you hope it helps

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Growth is best at temperatures between 20°C to 30°C. The plants can be damaged if temperatures fall below 10°C for more than a few days. When cultivated in climates with colder winters, the tuber must be dug up and stored during the colder, winter months in a cool, dry place protected from frost and with good ventilation to reduce the risk of fungal diseases. Replanting in spring is done when the chance of frost has passed.

9 Oct, 2009


Glad you asked the question Glyn...and thanks for the info Mookins:)
This is the first year I've had one, and wasn't quite sure what to do with it! Following a bit of frost here this week, a couple of the leaves drooped alarmingly (in fact one fell off...) so mine's now sitting in the dining room next to the radiator! Lol...I'm sure that's not the right answer though...

9 Oct, 2009

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