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Is this a record?

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

This is one of my moth has 14 blooms on one almost falls over in the pot!!!! Is this a record?




Don't know if it a record but well done you. Every one I have had I managed to kill off after they had flowered

9 Oct, 2009


Like Pipsqueak I've no idea if this is a record but well done you on getting it to flower so well... might need a stronger stake to support.

Pipsqueak do a search on Phalaenopsis and you'll get lots of good info on keeping them going - in fact I posted to Ian's question yesterday

10 Oct, 2009


I thought I sent you a PM about them, Pipsqueak?? Did you get it??

10 Oct, 2009


No Spritz didn't get the PM. Have just said to Morgana that I will give them a go again when I have settled in the new place

10 Oct, 2009


Lovely Phalenopsis....don't worry too much about staking...I find they flower better just letting the stem "drape"....that is how they grow in the wild.

10 Oct, 2009


If the stem is too heavy with flowers it simply breaks if not staked. In the wild they actually hang down not up but this isn't particularly practical for a plant in a pot.

11 Oct, 2009

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