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Does anyone know this "fruit"?

Sussex County, Delaware, United States Us

This was growing on a wild bush (or small tree). Most of the leaves are dropped or nibbled on as you can see in the pic here.




could be Euonymus Europaeus (spindle tree)

10 Oct, 2009


It's certainly a Euonymus as said above, not sure of exact species as there are a few that are very similar though if wild, probably is E. europeus as said above.

10 Oct, 2009


Even though Healerwitch is in States Fractal? I didn't think E. europeus was native to the States - but I may well be wrong lol!

10 Oct, 2009


The spiny top to the berry makes me wonder if it is Euonymus americanus?

10 Oct, 2009


That is more like it Owdboggy!

10 Oct, 2009


Doh! Then unlikely to be the European one granted!

10 Oct, 2009


lol never mind Fractal if we were all perfect it would be a boring world. I truly respect your knowledge!

10 Oct, 2009


Well you guys are definitely good...I knew I had seen this seed pod and berries before but my mind is getting slow finding everything now! lol...You are all so good!

and Fractal don't feel bad...there are many plants here that are not native, but naturalized and therefore grow quite wildly now!

And Owdboggy...the Strawberry bush it is!

Again thanks all!

11 Oct, 2009


oh well I got the Euonymus bit right :))

11 Oct, 2009

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