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Apple maggots prevention

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone got good organic tips on stopping maggots from getting all the apples.



keeping the ground around the tree free of fallen apple and debrie helps reduce the infestation the following year. There are grease bands you can put round the bark? Also 'Envirofleece' claims to protect from birds and pests?

11 Oct, 2009


Thanks for this x

11 Oct, 2009


We use the Pheromone traps, which hang in the trees from the middle of May onwards. The male codlin moths are attracted to the smell and land on a sticky pad and thus cannot getr to the females who then do not lay eggs.
We also use a Wintar Wash which is based on natural plant soaps (not Washing up liquid!). This is sprayed over the trees in February and does kill of a lot of overwintering bugs in the bark of the trees.

11 Oct, 2009


sorry to steal your space Faeriefay ' but there is somthing I must know. Owdboggy do I spray all fruit trees with winter wash ie' pears plums ect'

11 Oct, 2009


Sorry Cliffo, could not get back in to answer sooner. Yes. I spray all our fruit trees with the Winter Wash (except for the wild plums and the 60 foot tall Perry pear!).

12 Oct, 2009


thank you OB I can understand you not doing the perry pear'' I was allways taught that when you spray you allways include the suronding vetageatation to get what ever was hiding there ready to come back, but I have a wild bird cherrie at the edge of the garden which would need a spraying airoplane to spray, LOL

12 Oct, 2009

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