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Limes and Oranges growing on the same tree, how?


By Douggie

Spain Es

My friend has a tree in his yard in spain that has big juicy oranges, and limes growing all over it. i've heard of branches from one citrus plant being grafted on to another, but this has both fruits growing from the same branchs. At first we thought the small green fruit must just have been unripe oranges but we have eaten both fruits and there is no doubt to what they are. how is this possible?



dont know but they do produce all different sized fruits at the same time. so a small un ripe lemon may well taste like a lime.

11 Oct, 2009


Here in Australia nurseries sell citrus trees called "Citrus Splitzers" - which are quite literally half-and-half trees! maybe your friend has one of these.

12 Oct, 2009

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