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Should wallflowers flower in autumn?


By Raymi

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

I recently bought some wallflowers at a local market in bud. I also bought some at a nursery without any buds . I also grew some from seed(only about 6 plants developed I.m sorry to say) These also are without bud. I believed wallflowers bloomed only in Spring. If so should I pinch out the budded ones?



are they the type that you use as spring bedding? the day length is the trigger for flower buds. if they are the perennial type than they do repeat flower. mine are doing so now.
you could nip them out but i dont see a problem in leaving them. early flowers :o). the frost may nip them back but they will be fine.

11 Oct, 2009


My local Nursery sells some that are autumn flowering, they carry on after any cold snaps, and flower again in the spring! Great little plants. :-)

11 Oct, 2009


thankyou Seaburngirl and sprizhenryfor your replies. I think they will flower in Spring as well

12 Oct, 2009

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