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What is the best way to overwintering an arum lilly.

shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

The lilly is my favourite plant inthe garden. Probably because it is the only plant I paid a money for .I wanted one since I saw one in the garden center 2 years ago to go with my koi pond. It is growing in a 20in tub at the moment with water kept at the base in a large dish. I have pulled yellowing leaves off it today and to my surprise it has 3 flowers comming out. Should I take it in the G/H. Also can I divide it to have more plants




I would just mulch it well and leave it where it is. I don't know whether you should wrap the pot. I have 2 large clumps in my garden, in the ground, not pots, and they survive very well. I wouldn't be in a hurry to split it but I have successfully split mine when they got very big. I'm no expert but that's my experience of these beautiful lilies. I'm sure someone else will tell you more!

11 Oct, 2009


Arums should be divided in spring rather than autumn

11 Oct, 2009


we always grow our outside all year with no ill effects, but the shelter of the greenhouse wont hurt - overwatering, and waterlogging is more likely to kill it than the cold. Chris [edited to remove commercial link]

11 Oct, 2009


Thankyou Both, useful information Frank

11 Oct, 2009


Thank,s also Chris I'll lift it out of the water dish. Frank

11 Oct, 2009


Frank, do you have spot in the garden, anywhere, that you can dig a hole and drop the pot into it? Then just let it overwinter as a garden plant. Come spring you can lift the pot, divide the arum and do whatever you want with it.

11 Oct, 2009


Hi bulbaholic, That is aproblem, I don't have any spare garden space at all. Frank

11 Oct, 2009


i grow arum inpots IN pond-forwinter i dropinto pond so top pot just below watre level - ice protect plnt. this way youc an split now or any tim of yr.

12 Oct, 2009

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