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Reference Chilli Plants not turning red


By Hijuju

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Ive got 4 chilli plants.And ive now planted them in the Greenhouse ready for the winter.But while i had them growing in the garden they were growing very well and they still are.The problem ive got is they are NOT turning red and one plant hasnt even got any chillies on it yet.
Where am i going wrong.They are have a good feed twice a week.



Hi Hijuju and welcome to GoY, I doubt that your garden was warm enough for them and it is now somewhat late in the season. Check out for how to grow next year.

12 Oct, 2009


chili hav emany color-maybe yourn ot red one?
All so, did you plnt infull pm sun with wallbehind?
Silly name chili-they want hot,hot,hot!!!
Feed not mater in fertil siol.

12 Oct, 2009

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