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Are there any tips for getting chillies to turn red?

North Ayrshire, United Kingdom Gb

The plants are grown in my conservatory which has an steady temperature of 25--30 degrees



Bananas have a tendancy to ripen up other fruit but i dont know if it would work with chillis?!

somebody else said theres werent turning green and none of mine did, maybe its still too soon?
fingers cossed for you, although green chillis are also very tasty

x x

13 Oct, 2009


The turning red has as much to do with the sun as the temperature. If, like us, you've not seen a lot of sun over the past couple of weeks that could be the problem.

13 Oct, 2009


I thin Mg,that you ar rightw ith the sun,but is moreto do wiht the angel,at lest wheni t dose shine. wat turns them is UV, not temp, the sam eas get suntan in shade in tropic. the more north you arehte hard itis.

13 Oct, 2009


Thanks Derekf - was pretty sure it was the sun that did the ripening work

13 Oct, 2009

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