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How do I grow Iresine Lindenii as a low hedge?


By Rozi_nz

New Zealand Nz

I bought 8 plants to grow along th fence line on the driveway, but Im not sure how far away from each other I should plant the. It said on the info card with them that they ae good for low border hedging, but I am yet to find any examples of that on the internet. Any suggestions? Is this the plant for me to do this job?

On plant Iresine



Hi Rozi Iresine Lindenii is a tender perennial that is often treated as an annual or even a houseplant. Grows to about 3 foot by 3 foot. Needs to be in the sun. So as long as you are in a frost free zone you should be okay.

13 Oct, 2009


confirm it is a tender perennial - if your winter temperatures fall below 60F, the topgrowth will probably disappear. If above that, you might find it remains above ground and continues to grow, but really it wants temperatures of 65F+ minimum.

13 Oct, 2009

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