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can my plant be grown in containers

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have bought a couple of these plants and would like it to be kept in a pot, on my decking.

On plant Euphorbia amygdaloides var.robbiae



I don't see why not - I think most Euphorbias are tough as old boots aren't they? Pot could be a better idea too bcos they spread a bit too much aswell in the ground.

13 Oct, 2009


It will survive fine in a pot but not on your decking if it is in the sun the shrub requires partial or full shade and grows well under trees in very poor soil. Spreads by underground runners and forms a dense low weed-smothering mat.

13 Oct, 2009


Littlesue, this one reaches about 2' high, will that be too tall for the pot ?

13 Oct, 2009


Confirm what Louise has said, this plant reaches about 2 feet. It does require some shade too, and not too rich a soil.

13 Oct, 2009

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