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Titchy is back with more questions


By Titchy

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

I am the one with the steep slope(Eiger) Having now decided on the Landscape gardener who will start work next month I am facing an other problem. At the bottem of the slope above a wall I have small Azeleas, Primula's, pinks, Lithospermum and various other trailing plants. etc.I have so far moved all perennial plants into pots. Now the question is: should I overwinter them in the Shed or leave them outside in a sheltered position,or could they be put back into the slope (1st Terrace) once the gardener has finished that bit. Surely it will be too late to put them back there? The taller plants further up he will be putting on the ground the rootball in a plastic sack and dig them back as soon as he can. I have to really clear the bottem as he is going to start there and because of the trailing plants. Sorry to be so long winded, it's difficult to explain. Some of you might understand what I mean and can answer the question. Thank you in advance p.s. live in Dorset.UK



Tichy I would have thought they would be happier going back into the ground, as it still retains some warmth and if they can be back by say the 2nd week in November they should be fine. A good watering just to settle them in should be ok, because they will be into dormancy around then.
Good luck and hope you will take pics of the finished job.

13 Oct, 2009


You can even leave them in the pots outside all winter if its easier, Titchy, certainly don't need to bring them inside, unless they're not hardy plants and you'd normally do that anyway. You can replant them any time during the winter - as long as the ground's not frozen.

13 Oct, 2009


I would let the ground settle down a bit after the landscaper has finished and then replant in February time just before they come back into growth. If you have a sheltered spot for the pots then the p[lants would appreciate it. They won't want very much water but don't let them dry out completely.

13 Oct, 2009


Agree with Mad and Bamboo either leave in pots or plant in ground. We'll be shifting things in the garden next month.

13 Oct, 2009


SUPER! All the answers are helping me to decide.The gardener is going to use a load of super ECO topsoil - which will give thePlants a good start.I will definitaley take pictures when it is finished and then in spring again when everything should have taken and blooming lovely (I hope) and of course put them on Goy So many thanks to you all

13 Oct, 2009


God luck Titchy!

13 Oct, 2009


it will settle a lot unless it is tamped down abit first. I'd leave in pots , outside sheltered and then plant in spring. enjoy the experience.

13 Oct, 2009


Or plunge the pots to protect them then plant out in early spring

13 Oct, 2009


at the risk of causeing truble, I am going to agree with Bulbaholic!!

16 Oct, 2009

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