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Can someone please give me some advice on fruit trees?


By Jcee

berks., United Kingdom Gb

Seem to have inherited quite a few:- 2 Apple, 2 Almond, 2 Plum, 2 Cherry (one dark othe light) 2 Pear and one Walnut! Help!!



Wow lucky you... what are you wanting to know specifically?

13 Oct, 2009


Hi Moongrower,
Well when to prune,
when to feed; I'm particularly intersted in the Walnut Haven't heard anyone who has grown one of these!

14 Oct, 2009


You best bet is to do a google search - there is miles of info. including videos out there. Just type pruning fruit trees into the search box and you will get al the answers you need. In fact type into the search box on this page and you'll get all the GoYers advice :-)

14 Oct, 2009


I asked more or less the same question, and was advised to get a book, and I did, I found it easy to follow ,it coverd every thing you have and moor,from first planting to older neglected trees,pests and diseases,pollination,soft fruits,even melons,from amerson, it is the royl horticultural society, growing fruit by harry baker.that will answer all your questions and moor.

14 Oct, 2009


Hi' Jcee' they come under sweet chestnuts and walnuts in the book and what it dose not tell you about walnuts is not worth knowing, lol

14 Oct, 2009


Thank you all-think I fly the web! Jcee

14 Oct, 2009


Getting back to the fruit trees that I asked about,I did some research online and asked some questions. It
seems that if you want to stop the walnut from getting to big then one should contain the roots in a root bag-didn't know that!! What I have done is to dig away around the root of the Walnut and add plenty of bone meal and feed into the soil and replace. Well Moongrowe and Cliffo what a result this year-its sprung into life,
grown at least a foot with lots of new foliage too Marvelous! Thank you both

23 Jun, 2012


Have yet another question! My two Almond trees produce
loads of nuts. A bit like a horse chestnut in that the nut
comes totally enclosed within a fibreous enclosure. Problem: how do you know when they are ripe and what to do when they are???

23 Jun, 2012


Hi Jcee Cliffo is no longer on this forum and I have no idea how you know when almonds are ripe. If you ask a completely new question all the other GoYers will see it - this is only being seen by me as I answered your original question. Delighted the walnuts are doing well!

23 Jun, 2012


Thank you Moon growe, I will take your advice and try a broader audience!

24 Jun, 2012

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