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drip irrigation?

Lanarkshire,Scotland, United Kingdom Gb

I have bought a small drip-irrigation bag to keep my over winter containers moist in the garage....Is this a good idea or not?



Gosh... no idea - never tried. We have shallow trays filled with gravel which we put pots into and water the gravel with a wick to remove the excess water but a drip-irrigation bag sounds 'affy posh!

13 Oct, 2009


Is this really for summer irrigation? over wintering plants need much less water might be difficult to judge the amount?

13 Oct, 2009


Unless the garage is heated then the drip system and the plants are likely to freeze during the winter in Lanarkshire. I don't grow begonias but try to keep my bulbs only 'just moist' during their dormancy period.

14 Oct, 2009


I think they work like chicken or in my case wild bird drinking bowls ,as the water level drops it is brought back to the level, not a good idear in the winter I should have thought, the gravel tray better because plants will only take what they need.

14 Oct, 2009


I would of thought that it would be best to hand water them, or else they may become over watered and as Drc726 says, they are meant for summer irrigation. Plus it means that if you are visiting them to water, you can remove and snails and any dropped or diseased leaves.

14 Oct, 2009


Ok guys- Stupid of me to forget that water freezes in the winter- especially in Scotland- Thanks for putting me right!

14 Oct, 2009

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