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Brugmansia - side shoot


By Meanie

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

This may be a bit of dumb question, but my Brug appears to be putting out a side shoot.
What are the chances of removing it & growing it on as a separate plant?

On plant Brugmansia suaveolens




You could try removing that shoot - you'd need a sharp knife and you need to get a bit of root attached at the bottom. Pot it up and grow it on indoors over the winter, place outside when all frost is over, so roughly end of May next year.

14 Oct, 2009


I wouldn't bother, if you do cut the brug back (if you haven't already) take cuttings and keep in water until they root, they are easy. With reference to the shoot, it isn't long or strong enough at the moment

14 Oct, 2009

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