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Container shrubs


By Jonezee

Flintshire, Wales Wal

Thank you so much everyone for your comments and suggestions. I have taken them all on board. However nobody said anything about the best time to buy these shrubs and set them out on the patio. Is it too late now to begin looking for them?



You can start looking now, but some things might be better left till spring - the Convolvulus, certainly would be better in the spring. All of the others I mentioned, at least, will be fine to plant up now. You may find yourself restricted for choice - most garden centres run their stocks of plants down to get ready for Christmas, so you may not find everything you want at this time of year.

14 Oct, 2009


some places you can place the order for them and then they send them to you when its the right time.always nice to have plants arrive when you forgot all about ordering them
Hope this makes sense Im on a sugar rush

x x x

14 Oct, 2009


Tunnocks again, Mookins - I saw a pack of 6 today, but Tesco, where I buy them, only sells them in 12s. blimey, here Igo again, food, food, food...

14 Oct, 2009


Jam doughnuts this evening Bamboo Mmmm...Im whizzing through my paperwork like a whirlwind, whether its right or not is a different matter hehe

over scoffed on the Tunnocks which were actually Tescos own (hubby being tight) never noticed the difference except the amount!!

x x

14 Oct, 2009


Many thanks for your helpful replies. You sound a really jolly crowd and you all seem to know each other.
This is all very new to me. I am only just beginning to learn about this online stuff.

14 Oct, 2009


you doin a grand job already Jonezee,
we try and stay cheerful, I hope you stick around

x x x

14 Oct, 2009


Sorry Jonezee, we did rather take over your question talking about food, profuse apologies. Do you like tunnock's teacakes? No, only joking....;-)))

14 Oct, 2009


she proberly likes roberts of wrexham pies, jonezee I have seen you befor, I canot recall were, I used to keep the central hotel in shotton in the fiftes when it was a decent pub ,

15 Oct, 2009

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