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I have 2 pot-bound hostas which have thrived on neglect and done very well over the years but I need to do something about them. I'm thinking of planting them in a much larger container in shade.
I would like to know whether now is a good time to split and transplant them, whether they need any particular type of compost, and what else would be compatible with them in the container?



Yes, you can certainly divide your hostas now. If the hosta is the fill of the container, then plant daffodil bulbs under it. The growing hosta next spring will disguise the dying daffodil foliage beautifully. Thats what I do anyway :O)

14 Oct, 2009


What a brilliant idea Spindle, thanks !

14 Oct, 2009


I got the idea from a neighbour, and everytime I'm planting daffs now, I plop a hosta on top. The little daffs (?narcissi) are the best I think. It really does work a treat.

14 Oct, 2009


Good idea Spindle

14 Oct, 2009


Nice one!

When I have dug my hosta's up before, the rootball is very dense with roots and short rhizomes, you have found the bulbs come through ok? I may try it but put my bulbs just outside the rootball area. The leaves will still spill out over the edge anyway and cover the bulb foliage.

15 Oct, 2009


Good idea with the daffs and hostas. Definitely one to remember

15 Oct, 2009


Thank you for this idea Spindle.
Can I use ordinary multipurpose compost?

15 Oct, 2009


Yep, you can use multipurpose compost.

15 Oct, 2009


I've found that when I divide my hostas with the wee daff bulbs intertwined, that I end up with three or four hostas, each with their own fanfare of daffs. Its really nice to be able a question for once - thanks :o)

15 Oct, 2009

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