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What shall I do with my carnations over winter?

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I've got hardy carnations currently in a pot (I hope to plant them in the garden next year) I've been told to cut them back but I don't know exactly what that means???? I need the same advice for my fuschia too if anyone can help!



I have several clumps of these around my two gardens aswell and i only cut mine after flowering, i don't cut mine back for winter.

As for the Fuschia, i don't know, sorry :-/

15 Oct, 2009


I agree with Louise about carnations .
Depends if fuschia's are hardy? if you can, move your fuschia pots to a greenhouse and or take cuttings. if hardy still protect from frosts.

15 Oct, 2009


I'm sorry I don't know about hardy carnations, but fuchsias are better left untill spring and then prunned.

15 Oct, 2009


I agree with Louise re. Carnations. Fuchsias, read Crazydi's blog. I love the smell of Carnations, well most flowers really. I would like to grow perpetual Carnations so that I could cut them for the house. I was told that it's not easy but I have the space in my GH and would like to try. I don't know the difference between perpetual and Hardy.

15 Oct, 2009


I used to grow perpetual flowering carnations in a cool house and have flowers for gifts for christmas but are they the same?

22 Oct, 2009


I now know that they are perpetual carnations yes... Thanks for all the advice everyone it's great.

30 Oct, 2009


Where do I buy them from Cliffo?

30 Oct, 2009


Heron, I bought mine from Homebase in the summer and they weren't very expensive at all- they smell beautiful.

31 Oct, 2009


I know that Carnations are easy to find but someone once told me that Perpetual Carnations are different, I can't see why though. Maybe they meant that they need different treatment. Anyway this year I took loads of cuttings of tall pinks (pink ones) they all took and so I planted them in my GH in the raised bed. They are already flowering though I think I'll snip them off in the hope that they'll strengthen up for an early display in Spring. That's the theory anyway.

31 Oct, 2009

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