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Growing chillis on a window sill

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

I've grown 2 chilli plants from seed on my kitchen window sill this year & am really pleased with how well they've done. The chillis are very spicy & there have been lots. 2 questions! There are still some tiny ones coming - could they still grow & ripen this late? And could I grow other things - like peppers or pea aubergines - this way? I don't have a greenhouse. Thanks



don't see why you can't grow peppers of you've had success with chillis except my pepper plants tend to be quite large, maybe scouring the seed catalogues you could find a small variety?

16 Oct, 2009


a variety called redskin produces medium sized peppers on plants no more than 1 foot-foot+a half.

16 Oct, 2009


Thank you both - I'll do a bit of research.

18 Oct, 2009


Hi Cornishsally,

Did you have any success with pea aubergine?

We want to grow them but have read it takes 2 years and the plant grows over 2 meters high.

22 Feb, 2011


Sorry - I never tried as I was given the use of a greenhouse! I grew ordinary aubergines : dead easy & quite a good crop considering I bought a sad little plant on a stall for 50p!

22 Feb, 2011

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