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growing veg at home


By Hotsey

United Kingdom Gb

hi just bought a house with a very long garden so I have decided to use quite a bit to growing veg, however my question is, my garden backs on to a railway line and I know that trains give off some sort of sooty particals do you think its wise for me to grow veg and if so how do I stop the sooty dust



I wouldn't let that stop me Hotsey, probably no more than cars/busses. The stuff you buy in the Supermarket will have worse on it.. How many of you are there to feed.

16 Oct, 2009


Sooty particles? are they steam trains then?.....As Heron says....the stuff from the supermarkets has worse on...:))

16 Oct, 2009


Welcome Hotsey my garden backs on to a railway line certainly no soot perhaps you are thinking of metal filings from modern trains? I would say pollution wise its much cleaner/healthier than living by a busy road. I eat things that I grow and have done so here for 11 years at least I know mine are not sprayed with chemicals.

16 Oct, 2009


Hi unless they they are electric they will be deasel, the soot you get from them is no good for anything, but the emisions law's do not only apply to your car, trains are also subjected to it so don't worrie about it, as for the garden unless you have a feald you will not grow more than a tast of potatoes,but with a bit of organiseation you will allways have somthing ready to pick or lift in the garden, and it is so much better than the shops, good luck and enjoy.

16 Oct, 2009


Congratulations on your big garden, Hotsey. I don't think that you have much to worry about regarding emissions. There is no lead in diesel or petrol nowadays and steam trains will emit sulphur and carbon. If steam I cannot imagine that there are many trains per day. I would not get upset by them; as Heron says, much healthier than any supermarket vegetables.

17 Oct, 2009

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