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Eremurus stenophyllus

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

I fancied having a go at growing these bulbs but would need to have them in a pot as my soil is unsuitable. Has anyone had any sucess with them in containers and have you found that they can take several years before they bother to flower? I'm a bit impatient for that!



Is your soil unsuitable? Mine are growing in heavy soil. . .
They will grow next summer don't you worry! Their roots are fragile and make you cringe when they snap off - but don't worry unduly.

They look like octopus. I spread them out in heavy soil which is mixed with a loose mulch. Their foliage is very low so they don't like neighbours which are to close and blot out their light. Your plants should easily reach 4ft in first year, 6 in the second if the soil is suitably nutritious and drained.

And don't forget where u put them and then dig up the space in spring! LOL

18 Oct, 2009


My soil is both heavy and badly drained inspite of adding loads of grit, manure etc. The problem is it isn't far off stone about a spade and a half down and just doesn't drain. It really needs a good drainage system with huge soak away but there is no access for machinery and and I could face the thought of all the upheaval in an established garden.

If their roots look like an octopus though, they are probably only shallow rooters so I could give them a go and try extra hard in my soil preparations for them. I think they look lovely.

Good tip about marking their position as it wouldn't be the first time I have gone to plant something where a dormant plant lay.

18 Oct, 2009

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