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id this in my basket


By Mookins

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

the last of my hanging basket... cant remember planting this though
what is it please

x x x




Aren't they Pelargonium leaves ?

18 Oct, 2009


It looks like a pelargonium to me Mookins

18 Oct, 2009


Mmmm..not sure what that is so will google it
cheers me dears
x x x

18 Oct, 2009


I thought they were geranium leaves

18 Oct, 2009


Drc many folk confuse geraniums and pelargoniums both are members of the Geraniaceae family. Geraniums, cranesbills, are hardy; pelargoniums, storksbills, are the ones grown as annuals for bedding, hanging baskets and the like. They can be overwintered but not outside (unless you live somewhere frost free).

18 Oct, 2009


That's a kind of "bedding geranium" as it's loosely called in the trade - that you get in a garden centre for summer etc. Pot it up and take it inside - keep it on the dry side and it may well reward you again next year. Many people regard them as annuals and don't bother. You may not remember getting it - as it could have been a tiny wee slip of a cutting in with another plant....easily done!

18 Oct, 2009


its a small pelargonium. I'd take it out and pot it up as a houseplant mookins.

18 Oct, 2009


oooh lovely, I dont have houseplants... well I have aloe vera and 3 Hyacinths

cheers peeps

x x x

18 Oct, 2009


Looks like one of my pelagoniums. Tipsey. The leaves are so pretty.

18 Oct, 2009

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