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By Dwarf

west yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

could i ask when and what do i do with my flowers out of my hanging baskits ie. geraniums can i pot them on cos they are still flowering ,busy lizies there too still flowering.can i pot all the flowers on basicly. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP ., ive had reel sucses with my hanging baskits and my tubs realy proud of myself .pat on the back me thinks XXX

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Glad your baskets have been successful - now for the bad news! Busy lizzies will keel over instantly at the first frost, turn to mush practically overnight, so they usually get composted.
Geraniums can be overwintered, but you'd need to either have them as houseplants (not my first choice) or dig them out, chop down by two thirds, pot up in a mix of sand/peat/or old compost, and put somewhere dry and frost free for the winter. Get them out in early March, repot them into proper compost, bring into the light and start watering to bring them back into growth, ready for putting back outside in May. Alternatively, just buy new ones next year!

18 Oct, 2009


Are you certain you have geraniums and not pelagoniums in your baskets? Pelagoniums can be composted when they're finished.

18 Oct, 2009


Muddywellies, I'm assuming Dwarf is, indeed, talking about bedding Geranium, i.e., Pelargonium, as he's got them in baskets. If I'm wrong, Dwarf, ignore what I said above!

18 Oct, 2009


thank you both as you will know iam inexperienced at gardenning so all the help is mutch apreceated thank you .bye the way he is a she ,but thats ok you wernt to know x. thatk you will take your advise. DWARF

18 Oct, 2009


the busy lizzies may survive as a housplant and then you can take cuttings in the spring. You geraniums/pelargoniums can aslo be brought in as houseplant. trim them down a bit and the will re sprout too.

18 Oct, 2009

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