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why were my romano sweet peppers fiery hot

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

grew from seed, gave some plants to friend, hers were fiery too!



were they seed for this pepper or were they seeds you collected from a sweet pepper. If they are you own collected ones then the seed has some of the hot genes. if they were seed bought as romano seeds then i suspect they were mis labbeled by the seed company.
welcome to GoY Bren

18 Oct, 2009


No they were bought from a reputable seed catalogue. I wondered if they didn't get enough water whether this would make them become hot. And they really were hot! They looked exactly like the picture in the catalogue but I guess perhaps they were just mis labelled. Thank you for such a speedy response Bren

18 Oct, 2009


watering shouldnt make a difference to the heat. i suspect they were mis labbeled then. i gree some largeish very hot ones for hubby a few years ago. and they were evil things. havent grown them since.

18 Oct, 2009

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