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today i decided to do away with my day lillys, after nearly breaking my steel fork on the roots i have given up, any tips welcome. grandadpic



My guess is that they ground is frozen as Day Lily roots are not difficult to break normally.

9 Dec, 2012


ok thanks for that

10 Dec, 2012


They can be difficult to dig out though, so much easier to wait until the soil is wet or damp rather than frozen. The last clump I dug out had roots that went down to 18 inches, and it took me around an hour to get it all out, and that was in light, sandy soil.

10 Dec, 2012


Mine are in a large plastic planter. They can stay there.
Ha ha.

10 Dec, 2012


But why do away with them? We have major problems with Hemerocallis gall mite and we are gradually replacing the affected ones with varieties which are less likely to get them. But, we would not want to be without them.

10 Dec, 2012


hi flag.i have finally got them out, albeit with some difficulty.the reason for removing them was because they had taken over and were spreading like mad, also most of them were coming up blind. cheers anyway.grandadpic

10 Dec, 2012


You must have the wrong type! Are they the double orange ones? They run around terribly! Maybe try the clump forming ones instead. My favourite is H. 'Frans Hals', also 'Corky' and 'Golden Chimes'.

11 Dec, 2012


thanks for that ,food for thought. grandadpic

12 Dec, 2012

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