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moving rhubarb


By Junie

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, we have a two-year old rhubarb which is doing well but I want to move to a more suitable spot - will I do any harm by moving the whole plant sometime in the autumn?



once the leaves have died off you can lift it and replant where you want it. dont do it if the soil if frozen though as it wont like it.

18 Oct, 2009


I have a rhubarb in the new garden that I need to move. Some sources of information indicate to move in autumn, others say January/February. I guess that I will now move it when I am ready to.

18 Oct, 2009


Yes now before the soil cools, Just one thing, make sure there's a good depth of soil, the roots go deep. I once planted some where the soil was 18" on top of clay and the soil soon dried out in Summer.

19 Oct, 2009


I am with you B A I have moved it at all the wrong times and it did not seem to do it anything but good,

19 Oct, 2009


I'd say just move it as long as you give it a good planting hole and fork the soild at the base. Go sparing when watering it in jsut in case we have hard frost. Rhubarbs are hard to kill off. I've had mine for 5 years and at the last house my ex tried to kill it twice by placing paving slabs over it until I found it and removed them. It is still going strong.

19 Oct, 2009


Blimey Pip, hope your x doesn't do that with everything he dislikes (L)

(L) = laugh

19 Oct, 2009


No I avoided the Brookside patio scene LoL.
I also grew climbing roses Handel and Schoolgirl along a post and wire fence at the front of the cottage with pinks underplanted. Looked and smelled great and everyone commented how lovely they were but he ripped them all up and put in copper beech..

19 Oct, 2009

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