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I have a flowering cherry tree which looks like it has peach leaf curl. How should I treat it?

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

It is growing amongst shrubs and gets early morning sun. Is it better to prune it than spray it at this time of year?



Hi Seedybee, are you sure it isn't just the leaves dying back for winter?

20 Oct, 2009


Any chance of a photo of the problem?

20 Oct, 2009


It's almost certainly aphids or their after effect that you are seeing. It tends to be only Peaches/Nectarines and the closely related Almond that suffers from the gall making fungus so flowering cherries though related are not normally effected.

The aphids usually curl the leaves towards the end of the current seasons new growth. It is too late to spray too, but the leaves will soon be off anyway.

20 Oct, 2009

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