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hi can you sow shop brought garlic and can you sow them in pots and can i sow them now many thanks



Hi Sunshines

It is not recommended that you plant garlic from supermarkets/grocers as they are grown in much warmer climates than ours and will not do well (I've tried it!)
Garden centres should have them in stock...or some of the online suppliers should still have some.
Now is a good time to plant so they can build up a good root system before their shoots appear.
Don't see any reason why you can't plant in pots...someone else will know for definate.

21 Oct, 2009


has anyone tried wild garlic I know a wood's full of it the smell is very strong when you walk through it,

21 Oct, 2009


I would not plant wild garlic, it is very invasive. It took me a couple of years to get rid of it Looks good in woodland not keen on the smell of garlic having a cup of tea in the garden

21 Oct, 2009


I bought three different types of garlic from a nursary (including the elephant garlic) and shared the bulbs with a friend. I have planted mine in my raised bed in built up mounds of about four inches. The ordinary sized ones are starting to shoot but no sign yet of the elephant ones.
My question would be do I cover them(and the onion sets ) over with fleece for the winter or just on frosty nights.

21 Oct, 2009


DO NOT plant the wild garlic or onions in your garden, they are a terrible invasive plant, if U must put them in a pot. No do not cover your garlics, they love the cold. be prepared for gorgeous plants with your elephant garlics. A super huge plant that looks like a leek, that big. Fun to grow. Garlic does not like very wet conditions, they will get diseased & rot. So watch that in the Spring & Summer.

21 Oct, 2009

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