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Daft question alert! is there a difference between winter&summer flowering pansies

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Will winter pansies flower in summer ? is it just a matter of when sewn and environment or are they hardier breeds? I have recently been told that it is a waste of time buying winter flowering as they stop as soon as it turns frosty and don't continue 'til spring when we have our bulbs in bloom:-(




Lovely pic BA! I think I asked this about a month ago, and as far as I can understand, there is now no difference, as they have stopped producing the winter variety, and there is just a universal variety.

If you are growing from seed, it seems to be pretty much down to when you sow your seed.

I have noticed that very few winter pansies flower right throughout winter, they all seem to have a bit of a rest and come back in the spring. I still think they're worth it though - as when they come in Spring it is lovely. I think for low bedding, they cannot be beaten.

You will probably get a much more scientific and exact answer after mine! Also - how can this be a daft question when I have already asked it...?!

21 Oct, 2009


am I wrong or have I seen violets flowering all winter out in the garden

21 Oct, 2009


I've planted a container with little purply/pink allium and purply/pink edged white tulips which I bought as a pack from Wilkinsons and on top I've planted little winter flowering pansies. They are supposed to be big enough to plant out but I bet they'll come in flower with the tulips. perhaps I'll transplant them to the garden. Cliffo, if you find successful bedding for winter let me know please:-) Does this mean you can leave your winter pansies flowering through summer too or do the fizzle out? Hark at you Mw...all knowledgeable;-) If you want to see my container with baby bargain pansies it's on my last blog:-) Well someones got to look at it!

21 Oct, 2009


I know that we have had some mild winters, but I am shore that I have the odd violet flowering in jan they seem to to be there summer and winter, I do not profes to know much about flowers and in the past have only grown near to the house for the longe haired one, veg is my forta, this is why I asked

21 Oct, 2009


PS did you know that plaid cymry adopted the welsh poppy as their logo in 2006

21 Oct, 2009


Violets do flower early, and they're perennial, but they don't flower all winter, just pop into flower periodically. As for the pansies, even the Great Universal strains (winter flowering) stop flowering during the dark, cold days, but they usually are in flower now and will continue flowering until it gets dark and cold, then stop for a little while, and start again as soon as the weather opens up a bit, so you might even have a good display of flowers in February, for instance, if its not particularly cold. By May, they're usually looking a bit straggly and tatty, even though they're still flowering - just as well, usually want summer bedding by then anyway!

21 Oct, 2009


thank you Bamboo, I moved some a week ago no flowere but the plants look healthy and don't seem to have been harmed by the move,

21 Oct, 2009


OK BA - I will go and have a look at your blog....I'm too nosy to resist!

21 Oct, 2009


Cliffo I'm going to vote for them! :-))

21 Oct, 2009


nice skimmia reevesiana there too..

24 Oct, 2009

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