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types of soil texture and their properties ?



This question would require a huge answere, Qaisar. Try putting this web address into your browser.

10 Dec, 2012


Or a good resource book on this subject is The Nature and Properties of Soils, by Nyle C. Brady and Ray R. Weil, ISBN 0-02-323371-6.

10 Dec, 2012


Probably difficult to get in Pakistan Bamboo.

10 Dec, 2012


Don't they have Amazon there, MG? Although I had to send to a specialist horticultural book supplier for mine, now I recall...

11 Dec, 2012


Sounds like yet another exam question, anyway.

11 Dec, 2012


Nope most of the planet does not have Amazon Bamboo...

So it might be Tugb. but not a UK or US student being lazy...

11 Dec, 2012


True...but I'm not sure what the difference would be with a Pakistani student. Maybe a lack of texts?

11 Dec, 2012


Could well be, we are so used to a mass of text books being readily available but this is not the case in many countries.

12 Dec, 2012


True also. Come to think of it, lack of libraries, and shortage of qualified instructors--leading to less time available per student. I guess that we are pretty spoiled!

Quaisar, from the horticultural point of view, there are three basic soil textures: sandy, clay, and loam--which is a mixture of sand, clay, and silt.
Sandy soils drain quickly, are well aerated, and are a good environment for root development. On the other hand, they are quick to dry out, hold nutrients poorly, and are subject to wide temperature swings.
Clay soils drain slowly, and are not well aerated, but hold water and nutrients very well. Clay also tends to heat up slowly in the spring, and cool off slowly in the fall.
Loam, at its best, is a combination of the best characteristics of sandy and clay soils. That usually also requires the presence of some organic matter to flocculate the clay. Otherwise, it turns into what's called "puddled clay", which is used for waterproofing the bottoms of canals and ponds!

In soil science, ther are many other types and classifications, which I haven't used since college, thirty-odd years ago!

12 Dec, 2012


Tugb. all praise for a good clear explanation - I 'sort of' know it in my head but find it nigh on impossible to put on paper, or computer! Now this answer needs to be on Goypaedia so that anyone who asks the question in future can find it

12 Dec, 2012


Thank you, MG! : )

14 Dec, 2012


Tugb., that is one of the best examples I have ever seen of the perfect precis of a vast subject. Also extremely useful. Thank you.

14 Dec, 2012


I did nominate for Goypaedia

15 Dec, 2012


Thank you, all! : }

17 Dec, 2012

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