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Any ideas what to grow against East facing fence heavy clay

berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

live in Berkshire UK get early morning sun



Pyracantha, if you don't mind thorns, or climbing hydrangea (H. anomala), or Fatsia japonica. If you want something not so tall, Skimmias, Hydrangea "Quadcolour", Pieris japonica.

21 Oct, 2009


thank you Bamboo I have Pyracantha
great berries for the birds

I think I will try hydrangea (H.anomala)
and Skimmia

I had better get cracking while weather
is good for new plants

21 Oct, 2009


Sparkle - I am in Berkshire and my garden will be open next spring (April 25th). Part of it is on heavy clay. Why not come and see what is growing for me?

21 Oct, 2009


I will make a note when your garden is open as I think I live in the same town as you.

Spring should be a lovely time to visit

22 Oct, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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