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Black bamboo

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

does this bamboo grow from cuttings?
If so whats the best way?



usual thing to increase stock is to remove well rooted sections from the parent plant, or dig up the parent and split the roots and replant. Not sure about cuttings being possible at all.

21 Oct, 2009


The hormone that promotes roots is not found in the hollow chambered culms (upper stems) but only in the solid (none chambered) creeping rhizomes so as Bamboo says, take a section off the side of the rootball.

21 Oct, 2009


Thanks, no wonder it didn't work before!

21 Oct, 2009


Fractal is bang on. However, I have cut my own cane supports and simply stuck them in the ground for my beans and the supports have come in to leaf!

Remember Jurassic Park 'Nature will find a way'. . . .

22 Oct, 2009



22 Oct, 2009


I'm guessing that if the bamboo is cut far enough down the cane and not hollow it may have the hormone that Fractal is talking about for the roots ?!

22 Oct, 2009


Makes sense to me, Catriona;-)

22 Oct, 2009

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