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which type of garden netting

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I want to build a sort of cage for my brassicas, there is loads of small mesh net advertised, I want something that wont get too tangled suggestions please



For pigeons a large mesh is best as it will not break in the snow. All netting will tangle if moved about in a hurry.

23 Oct, 2009


I have some fine pea netting and its a bloomin nightmare! tangled and torn in minutes and that was just trying to cover a small area

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23 Oct, 2009


It's one of those things that need doing right or not at all. If you are intending to grow them every year both spring and Autumn planting, then it might be worth building a big portable frame. I sounds expensive but maybe not so in the long run. You need some lengths of roofing baton, some mesh and a stapler with stainless staples. On an allotment nearby I know someone who's done just that and he can walk in. On the other hand a couple of allotments away a lady puts wooden chairs without the seat in over the plants. She swears that it scares the birds away.

23 Oct, 2009


I agree with doc Bob heavy neting , my local garden centre is dear but even there it is under £2.00 a meter and that is five meters wide,holes I can just about push my ring finger through, should stop every think except insects

23 Oct, 2009


I would make a frame using enviromesh. Acts as a barrier to most garden pests and allows air and water to freely circulate.

27 Oct, 2009


I`ve built a cage for all my brassica`s 20 ft x 20ft by 6ft high with a netted door and completely covered it with old scaffold netting from builders skips,it worked fine until we had the 1st heavy snow which brought the roof in so replaced the roof with heavy duty butterfly netting which has larger mesh to let the snow through but still small enough to the cabbage white butterfly out, works great

1 Jul, 2010


I made a sort of poly tunnel for my brussels out of debris netting and 18mm dia plastic water piping from Wicks cut to 3mtrs to make a hoop and the debris netting from ebay, make sure you get the 3mtr wide netting though, it wont keep the white fly out but the dreaded cabbage white it will.

18 Sep, 2011

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