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does anyone grow bouganvillier?


By Sooze

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

I'd love to grow this in my garden having seen on holiday. Can it be grow in England? Just thought I'd let you all know I have bought one (in the sale at my local garden centre) and I'm trying to nurture it through the sicerian winter in my conservatory!




Well it can, but its tender, so needs to be in a warm greenhouse or in the house for winter.

24 Oct, 2009


I know that desire, but U R inviting heartaches, I know. Just grow one and if it dies, so what (cruel words) get another until your "lust' is fulfilled. LOL cause that is what it is, we just love them sooo much. Get one, come on!!!

24 Oct, 2009


Sooze....Like you I 1st saw them on the greek Islands, but I have had one in a pot now for 3 years. and Im in essex. Admittedly it needs frost protection during the winter, and its the mauve not the red or pink. I chop it back hard before I put it away late Autumn and it goes quite dormant, and then start watering slowly next year....Go for it.......

24 Oct, 2009


Ok Milky tell us, where do U over Winter it, in side??

25 Oct, 2009


Doon.....I overwinter it under the lean~to .....which does face north. and just wrap some bubble wrap around the pot.....

27 Oct, 2009

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