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Pruning a Raspberry plant?

Massachusetts, United States Us

I planted a stem at the begining of summer and it grow 5 spring ups around it. What shpuld I cut back if anything?



You should not cut any of these back, Lovegreen, as they are next years fruiting canes. Once these canes have fruited in 2010 then you cut them back to ground level, being careful not to damage the new 2010 canes. The raspberry is like a biennial in that the fruit forms on the previous years canes.

25 Oct, 2009


Can I add to this that the Autumn fruiting varieties of Raspberry can be left un-pruned until later, when fruiting is over. Then all stems can be pruned back and those which grow from next Spring will have time to develop and bear friuit next Autumn. JB

25 Oct, 2009


Help, I have not grown the autumn fruiting ones yet, hopefully this coming year. Will someone else please answere this point?

25 Oct, 2009


cant answer this either as like you bh only ever had experience of summer ones.

25 Oct, 2009


I have just been on the web and found similar advice to that, JB.

26 Oct, 2009

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