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Black spots on winter pansies


By Bidget

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Sorry just learning what should I spray them with?



Dont think you have! my pansies are fine but my violas where covered in tiny black spots all over every leaf a couple of weeks after planting. I think its the type of mild wet weather that encouraged this. I sprayed mine and they have recovered.

26 Oct, 2009


don't think its anything you've done-- both myself and lily2 have had problems and posted questions about problem pansies and violas, i've tried a fungal spray as i've some mildew i'm told its possibly the warm weather or a fungus -- sorry i can't be more help

26 Oct, 2009


I think its down to being too wet and weather being warm, oedema i think its name is. Its when the cells take up to much water and burst therefore die.
Pansies dont really like the heat hence why they are used for winter bedding.
Any that are sold as summer, apart from Froilina, are normally winter into spring ones and summer if the weather is pansy friendly!.

26 Oct, 2009


have a look in the garden centre for mildew/blackspot spray-- i think its linked because I seem to have both now! :-(

27 Oct, 2009

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