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Is it a problem having slugs in my compost bin?

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

The large black bin has masses of worms in it - but also many very large slugs. Will this be a problems when I go to use the compost and if so, is there anything I can do about it?



No, they're not a problem as far as I know. A compost bin should contain a lot of creatures that break down the vegetable matter and make it into compost, and that's what the slugs are doing. I actually chuck any slugs I find into my compo bin as I can't bear to kill them lol

27 Oct, 2009


I heard they dont leave the bin Numberone, they have all the food they need in there, Also there leaving our plants alone :)
Sid.. I do that as well, throw the slugs in there.. Now snails! there a different kettle of fish LOL.

27 Oct, 2009


No the slugs, snails, worm etc are all good workers in your compost bin... You're giving them an 'all you can eat' buffet which you keep topping up so they are very happy beings.

27 Oct, 2009


I chuck snails in my compost bin too - might as well put them to work!

27 Oct, 2009


Of course the alternative is to feed them to your, or your neighbour's hens...

27 Oct, 2009


Slugs etc not a problem in themselves but sometimes if you have masses and masses of them it can be because you have too much green stuff ( peelings, etc) in your bin and you need to balance the compost with more brown stuff ( paper, cardboard, etc.)

29 Oct, 2009


Yes, it is a problem: They will lay eggs in your compost. When you put the compost in your garden you will spread these eggs and therefore create a slug problem in your garden soil. I kill on sight to keep the number of slugs very low. Also in the early fall, when I clean up, I check for slug eggs and smash them with a rock. This keeps the number low for next year's slug problem.

8 Sep, 2012

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