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Clemetis cuttings


By Valadel

United Kingdom Gb

How do you take cuttings of clemetis?



Layering's the easiest, but obviously you'd have to have live, growing stems, so in early summer, push a couple of stems down into soil, either in a pot or just in the soil, anchor them down and leave them to root - takes a while.

27 Oct, 2009


Well, ---------I ask 'cos way back early summer I cut off a few sprigs of my friends white clemetis (name unknown) and put them in a jar of water.
Today I look and they have produced a sort of nodule thing with roots.
Question,---- do I Ieave till spring or pot up now?

27 Oct, 2009


If the root balls are big enough, pot them up! How good - well done!

27 Oct, 2009


Cool - if you can see roots in the water and they're longer than quarter of an inch, pot them up. Don't know where to suggest you overwinter them though, have to think about that one. Inside? Cool windowsill?

27 Oct, 2009


Coldframe? Cool greenhouse? Not too hot, anyway, and not outside either!

27 Oct, 2009


Thanks Sprits and Bamboo( you've been a mine of "info" tonight). Was a bit worried 'cos the roots are a good two inches long but thicker than normal. ( I know a photo would have been good but not quite up to speed yet. )
I have a unheated conservatory this would be good me thinks.
Will keep you updated and if they die I will blame you lot !!! LOL

27 Oct, 2009


Oooohhh! I'm not answering any more questions - are you, Bamboo?

27 Oct, 2009


He he he that was a good one !

27 Oct, 2009


Yea, I'll risk it, Spritz;-))

28 Oct, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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